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Presentation Guideline

Considering the current situation of COVID-19 in Chengdu with reportedly confirmed cases, for the sake of safety for all participants, BMSB 2021 Conference committee has decided to change the meeting to a fully online version.

To prepare your online presentation content, you may now prepare a video of your presentation and upload to Whova platform (Clickable)

Your video will be posted within your session on the IEEE BMSB 2021 on-demand virtual platform. If your paper is accepted as a poster paper, you will also be asked to prepare a poster in a PDF file for the poster session. More details on preparing your presentation files are outlined below.

Requirement of The File Format

Oral Paper
Poster Paper
Video (.mp4)
PDF Poster (no audio/video included)
PDF Slides
Video (.mp4)

Video Presentation Instructions:

  • Duration: 15 minutes max 
  • File size: 150MB max
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: Minimum height 720 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9

Poster Presentation Instructions:
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 50 mb or less
  • PDF Size: A0 - Landscape 1189 mm wide x 841 mm tall (46.8 inches x 33.1 inches)
  • Must be a single page
  • Must NOT be password protected
  • Must be saved to open to “fit page” size (in Acrobat: Preferences – Page Display – Page Layout - Zoom – Fit Page)
  • Must NOT have multimedia content (video/animation) included in the PDF poster

Instructions for Recording PPT Presentation as a Video:
Example with Microsoft Office 2019
Step 1: select Slide Show>Record Slide Show

Step 2: choose from two options:

  • Record from Current Slide
  • Record from Beginning
Step 3: when ready, select Record and start presentation/speaking

Step 4: manage your recording:

  • Pause: to pause a recording
  • Stop: to end a recording
  • Replay: to replay a recording
  • Pen, Highlighter, Eraser: use the pen, highlighter or eraser tools to  mark up your presentation/recording
Step 5: Remove your recording: select Clear and choose from options

Step 6: save a recording as a video: select File >Export

  • Save your recording in MP4